House in Spearwood WA 6163

Listed November 2021

R60 - Time to Develop - 809sqm in Spearwood

(Approximate) Frontage 20 metres and Sides 40 metres (approx)

Spearwood has just undergone a massive change in Zoning.

Zoned R60
Required at R60 - average 150m²/ minimum 120m²
City of Cockburn Scheme 3

Subject to approval by WAPC and City of Cockburn, R40 calculates to a maximum possible yield of 5x Survey Strata lots if approved by City of Cockburn;

Preliminary design has been based on creating 4x survey strata lots between 160 – 180m2 (See Picture)
It would be intended to use the existing crossover on the south side of the common property (shared) access required to be 4.0 m wide, subject to survey, and approval by City of Cockburn;
Note small lots under 260m² may be subject to a ‘plate height’ condition as part of the WAPC approval. This requires that a development approval be sought, architectural plans drawn for all proposed buildings and a builder engaged to construct the dwellings to plate height (floor slab and walls to underside of roof).

Please confirm the requirements with the City Of Cockburn Planning Department.

Pick up this great site and develop.

You can develop the rear first and work around the existing house or demolish and start from scratch.

The existing house is very livable and rentable until such time as you have all your approvals in place.

Your rental should be $450 - $500 per week.

Please contact me ASAP as this will not last

Peter Taliangis 0431 417 345 or 9483 0045

Spearwood Location:

30 minutes by car to the city

Restaurants within 1km include


Maharajah's Kitchen Indian Restaurant,

Pizza Hut Spearwood,

Vino Rosso Ristorante,

Winged Wok,

Nando's Spearwood,

Ken's Kitchen,

McDonald's Spearwood,

Domino's Spearwood,



Kentucky Fried Chicken,

Hungry Jack's,

Golden Phoenix Chinese Restaurant,

Zambrero Spearwood,

Hamilton Fish & Chip Cafe,

Coffee shops within 1km

Caffissimo Phoenix
Muffin Break Phoenix,
Cafe Phoenix,

Major Shops within 1Km

Woolworths Phoenix Park,
Coles Supermarkets,
Hamilton Hill IGA,

Schools and Kindergarten's within 2km

Jess Thomas Kindergarten,
Spearwood Primary School,
Southwell Primary School,
Phoenix Primary School,
Newton Primary School,
Fremantle Christian College,

55 minutes bus to Perth city

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