Property Data Research

Property data websites provide information that can assist you to research locations, keep up to date with market trends and estimate a selling, renting or buying price.

Note, the following information is provided as a resource for buyers, sellers, renters and those considering a property swap. We do not endorse the providers, the websites or their content and services offered. You should do your own research to establish the most suitable data for your needs.

Suburb sales data

This information can help you set an asking price for a property you are selling, or to decide how much to offer for a property you are interested in buying, based on the selling price of similar properties in the same suburb or surrounding area.

Suburb sales reports generally provide historical sale prices for an area for the last 12 months, although some reports have up to five years of sales data.

There are two types of reports:

  • Suburb reports listing sales for a single suburb
  • Postcode reports listing sales for all suburbs in a postcode.

Suburb sales reports list private sale and auction prices for houses and units, along with addresses and sale dates. A report may also have information about the:

  • type of property (house or unit)
  • size of the house or unit - number of bedrooms and/or bathrooms
  • land size, use and zoning
  • capital growth and current price estimates
  • median prices and trends

Reports may not be available for all suburbs or postcodes and there may be a limit on the number of properties included, so don’t rely on just one report cross reference with at least three reports.

As well as your bank and mortgage broker here is a list of some online providers: