How to List your Property 

For individual or single listings      (for XML listing multiple properties scroll down)

Go to
  •  Click on List property for Sale, Rent or Swap here (top right of screen)
  • Login or Register (if first visit)
  • Remember Keep a record of your Login and Password in a secure location
Fill the Your Property Location Details

Address details:
  • the full address (required)
Tick box
  • To show the house/building numbers box if you want the number shown
  • If don’t want number shown in your listing leave box unticked .
 Fill in the Property Description and add Photos
Type of:                   
  • Use dropdown menu to select type of your property
  • The more detail you provide the more interest from searchers                       
  • Tip.. read (click on) a few current SSB listing descriptions on SSB
  • Click browse and upload 3 – 10 photos from your files.                   
  • Tip.. photos are sharper from your computer than your phone.
Videos URL:             
  • Upload a video or virtual tour of your property.
Property Details
Floor Area:              
  • Use dropdown to add (round up to nearest 10m2)
Land Area:              
  • Use dropdown (round down to nearest 50m2)
  • Use dropdown to add number
  • Use dropdown to add number
  • All boxes applicable
More info:                
  • Tick box and add further information if applicable.
  • The more detail you present the higher interest you create for a property searcher.
 Listing For Sale
  • Add the price, to the nearest $50, you want for the property
When Sold Login, click My Properties > Edit> click Remove Sale offer.

Listing For Rent
  • Add the price to the nearest $10 you want per week
Available from:          
  • Use dropdown menu to add available from date
 When Leased Login, click My Properties >Edit> click Remove Rent offer.

Listing For Swap
Available period:
  • Add dates from dropdown menu
For a permanent Swap:       
  • Tick permanent box
When Swap Agreed Login and update availability dates or Remove offer.

Terms and Conditions
  • I agree to terms and conditions box
To Submit
  •  Check your listing details carefully then click Submit.

How to XML list multiple properties for Sale, Rent or Swap 

For real estate agents, home builders, investors, developers, resellers and property managers
For Multi and auto-uploading:
  • Ask your CRM Provider or Media Manager to contact us and request our encrypted XML protocols for multi-listings at 
  • Remember Keep a record of your Login and Password in a secure location
  • Once you or your CRM Login you can start auto multi uploading

When Sold, Leased, Swapped or Remove from the market Login, click My Properties > Edit> click Remove the offer.

Important Note: SSB is Not a real estate agent, reseller, developer, landlord or property manager, we are an independent Australian Melbourne based real estate service to list and promote properties for Sale, Rent or Swap at zero cost.

Thank you for your listing your property it will be fact checked and published soon