Check List for Owner Landlords

Make sure you have:

  • understood every part of the lease of your property, ask questions before you sign
  • discuss issues which may not be included in the lease such as; what’s included, special conditions you require of the lessee of your house, apartment or unit
  • confirm who is responsible for gardening, utilities or general maintenance
  • is there are internet or telephone line connections to the property, if not ask if tenant requires one
  • made it clear you will allow minor or cosmetic changes to the property but not adding or removing walls, adding built-ins, extra power points or TV co-axial points. The tenant must notify you and can say no to major change
  • you made it clear that you are under no obligation to contribute to the cost of any changes
  • the property is to be returned to original condition or be of a similar condition prior to the lease start
  • at the start of every tenancy, you or your agent must give you a copy of Renting a home a guide for tenants, these can be obtained from the department of Consumer Affairs, Legal Aid, State regulatory body for Tenants or Real Estate Institute in your State
  • give the tenant a copy of the lease (tenancy agreement) within 14 days of you signing it
  • provide two copies of the premises condition report, one that you have filled out and one for the tenant to fill out and return to you
  • provide a copy of the owners corporation rules (if applicable)
  • provide a bond lodgement form, so the bond money can be lodged with the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) in your State
  • provided details of whether the tenant or your agent can authorise urgent repairs, and the maximum amount that can authorise without notifying your prior to repairs being carried out on the property
  • give tenant a phone number they can use to contact you or your agent out of business hours for urgent repairs
  • provide your or your agent's full name, a postal address for sending documents, as well as an email address
  • provide two sets of keys for all doors and window locks to the property for the tenant.