How it works: Swap it

Worried about fluctuating property prices impacting the value of your home or apartment, don’t want to go through the stress of selling your property, don’t want to pay Airbnb or holiday management fee’s then why not swap your property lots of people are. You can Swap your home or apartment for a holiday period, a weekend, couple of months even a year or maybe you want to move to a new city, country or sea/tree change permanently, then swap your property forever.

It’s a lot easier than you think. Here’s how…

  1. Go to and click List property for Sale rent or Swap Here and fill in the details of your home, apartment or property add 3-10 pictures a floor plan of the property if you have one and even a short Instagram video, add the available to and from dates or tick the permanent box and click Submit we will add a Google location map and your contact details so serious registered swappers can contact you direct. Your free swap it promotion listing will be posted live within hours.
  2. Your full contact details are needed so you can receive enquiries direct to your email inbox address from those looking to swap a property. You can also add to, edit and manage your personal swap it property profile page. It’s Free and your property will remain listed until you withdraw it or put a Swapped sticker on it if permanent swap.
  3. Fellow swappers list their chosen location and type of property and the dates they are looking for and they are presented with available properties to select and view the details of each individual property. They then click on the Direct Contact button and fill in the Direct Contact Form and click Submit.
  4. An email with the prospective swapper details is sent direct to you so you can arrange a phone, Zoom or Skype chat for a one on one viewing of the properties at a time that suits you both.
  5. To Manage, edit, change, add additional details or delist your property Login and you will be taken to your My Properties page click on Edit and make alterterations to your listing then click update button and choose Swapped.
  6. Remember its Free so start now click List your Property Here

We warrant that are not sales agents, property managers, developers or owner landlords. This is a free service for home, apartment and property owners to list and connect direct with others seeking to swap a property.