How it works: for agents

Firstly, there are no costs, no membership fees, no commissions, no percentages and no lead charge’s as well as significantly expanding your market reach and capture all for free!

An agent, agency or any one of its nominated salespersons or the office administrator goes (SSB) and clicks on “List your Property here”. Login or register as the contact person and list the details of each home, apartment, villa, unit or property add full details, 3-10 pictures, a floor plan and even an Instagram video, select For Sale or For Rent or Swap then click Submit. A Google street and suburb location map will be added.

Initially each listing for sale, swap or rent will be featured on the front page of SSB, as well as on its very own ongoing unique profile page. These will be published live within 24 hours and will remain published free until the salesperson/agent puts a Sold or Leased or Swapped sticker on it. The nominated person controls the information, editing, additions and management, all password protected, upload is via encrypted SFTP.

To protect owner and agent’s privacy, the unit and/or street number will not be shown on the property profile page or on the general listings page, unless you tick “Show number”. An enquirer seeking more details or wishing to view or buy or rent a property can only obtain this information direct from the nominated contact person via the secure SSB Connect with Owner Direct form.

When an inquirer wishes to view or obtain more details about the property, they click on the Direct Contact and fill in the form, then click Submit. An e-mail with the inquirer’s contact details is sent directly to the salesperson/agent who can then respond via phone or e-mail or Skype, answering questions and discussing details, as well as arranging a one-on-one viewing of the property at a mutually convenient time.

Each salesperson at the agency can list as many properties as they wish and can multi- or bulk-list properties via an encrypted super secure SFTP system.

Tyre-kickers are minimised, and serious inquirers maximised, as all contact is strictly between the agent via the Contact Owner Direct system. This puts the salesperson in secure and complete control of communications, viewing times, negotiations and getting the deal done.

As this is a 100% free service and as there are no registration fees and no marketing costs, no commissions and no lead charges, saving can be significant, at the same time adding another global reach channel to your sales and marketing campaigns and adding this significant competitive advantage over other property listing sites that charge commissions, add, listing and lead fees.

We affirm that we are not agents or resellers and seek no payments all we ask is you use SSB and spread the word about this wonderful free Aussie online service.

It’s Free, it’s easy at if you have any further questions call Peter for a chat on 0407 887 986.